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Choosing a Luxury Bentley Model for the Best Classic Car Hire Melbourne has to Offer

Mar 19, 2015
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Choosing a Luxury Bentley Model for the Best Classic Car Hire Melbourne has to Offer

Bentley is known the world over for its luxury vehicles and has produced a number of famous models since it was founded in 1919. When it comes to classic car hire Melbourne, the company, which is now part of the Volkswagen Group, is one of the top choices around. Bentley was named after its founder, Walter Owen Bentley, and immediately set out its stall as a maker of luxury, high performance cars. After a period of development, the first vehicles were brought to market in 1921 and the manufacturer came to prominence in its early years by running a vehicle in famous motor races such as Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500. The business was acquired by Rolls Royce in the 1930s and this enhanced its reputation as a luxury car maker. Some of its early models survive to this day and are a popular choice with regard to vintage car hire for weddings and other events. In modern times, Bentley has operated as a subsidiary of German car manufacturer Volkswagen. It continues to produce vehicles that are regarded as being at the top end of the supercar market and those interested in buying have a few models to choose from. This includes the Bentley Mulsanne, which is a four-door saloon that takes its name from the Mulsanne Corner at Le Mans. Other choices include the Continental and the Flying Spur, with these high performance models in demand with buyers as well as being sought after by those interested in formal car hire for special events. The winged B logo of Bentley is a mark of high quality that is appreciated by auto enthusiasts in countries around the world. This includes Australia, and many people in search of the classic car hire Melbourne has to offer will choose a Bentley model for the attractive appearance of its sleek bodywork and the luxurious comfort of its impressive interior. Image Credits: Always Classics Wedding Cars

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