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The Long Road From Drab to the Sleek Limousine Hire Adelaide Residents Have Come to Like

Mar 19, 2015
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The Long Road From Drab to the Sleek Limousine Hire Adelaide Residents Have Come to Like

The first limousine car was built over 100 years ago. Right from the beginning, these vehicles were designed to offer some element of privacy. The initial model had positioned outside in a covered compartment. There of course have been some great leaps to get to the standard of limousine hire Adelaide residents think of as top range. The first limousine was built in 1912. These cars were so named because their design resembled the hood of cloak that shepherds in a French region called Limousin wore. Of course those designs are now a far cry from the sleek limousine Melbourne roads are populated with. Now fast forward to 1928 and the first stretch limousine came into existence. Unlike now, when limos are used by anyone who wants to, back then these cars where a preserve of influential band leaders. The 1930s came with the first tranche of revolution that saw limousines used for airport transfers as well as sightseeing tours. As the cars' popularity grew, the functions they served also diversified. Soon, limousines were ferrying movie stars, stage personnel and film crew from one movie set to the next. They also became a status symbol for the movie stars just about the same time. The real revolution in the limousine industry however came with the invention of the six-door luxury saloon cars. Despite these serving as funeral cars, their popularity ensured they became almost everyone's most preferred means of transportation. Their continued popularity the world over has been further propagated by the 'no drink and drive policy'. In Australia for instance, Sydney limousines provide comfort, style and luxury in a manner that isn't possible in other forms of road transport. Limousines still shuttle the high and mighty but the industry has been innovative to create designs that carry many people per trip. Limousine hire Adelaide wedding parties use for instance incorporates new technologies and many vehicle models so as to offer a lot more than what is available in conventional road transport. Image Credits: Bensons Limousines

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